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Bullying pictures

Royalty-free bullying posters and pictures (not hardcopy)

If you would like one or more of the below free images (shown below) emailed to you - either web size or A4 poster size - please contact me.

  • Please don't demonise bullies
  • Blue sad stick figure
  • Respect
  • Schoolgirl bullying
  • Is it really necessary to make me feel this big?
  • Psycho boss
  • Don't be an ice queen
  • A forked tongue won't bring home the bacon
  • Bullying poster
  • Bullying is primitive (New!)
  • Bullying cartoons on my cartoons website.
  • I would appreciate it if you could let me know the picture you are using and the context you are using it in.

    Grea (rhymes with "Thea") - Contact me

    PS. I cannot provide hardcopy posters because, much as I wish it was so, I am not a benevolent millionaire. Bear in mind that some unions can provide you with gratis posters.

    A4 size available


    New image Feb 2008 - plus closeup (A4 size available)

    New image aPRIL 2008 (A4 size available without watermark)

    You can find more cartoons and pictures regarding bullying and workplace issues on my digital art site RIJI DIJ

    Please note that images on RIJI DIJ are subject to copyright and are generally not free for commercial use. Free use of RIJI DIJ pictures in humanitarian publications use may be ok, depending on the organisation and the context. By all means contact me, if you would like to know more.

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Updated 5 August 2006