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Workplace Bullying: Information for Employers

Bullying in your workplace is bad for business. Some of the costs it may incur are:

In short, if you do not act to ensure that bullying does not occur in your workplace it can cost you your business.

Workplace bullying costs

The Answer? Effective Recruitment and Anti-bullying Policies

The best way to protect yourself from the above costs is to have effective anti-bullying policies. However, the policies must be enforced. The top level of your organisation must be committed to a workplace that values respect between its managers and workers or your policies may be a waste of time.

An aggressive, authoritarian management style that makes workers unhappy is a sign of short-term vision and is guaranteed to hinder effective business. If you recruit effectively, you should not need to lean on your workers.

Below are some links that may prove helpful:

Recruitment Tips:

Anti-Bullying Policy Tips

Royalty Free Pictures for Anti-Bullying Publications

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