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(Cartoon name: Quitting blokes)

More women & relationships cartoons

Note: * means the cartoon could be seen as offensive (with a bit of luck)

The Invisible Woman

Bathroom scales

Friction between males & females starts early*

Overcoming middle age invisibility

Maternity leave

Aussie cougar

Sweet as a locker room

Love in old age

Perfect match   (alternate version)

Little black dress

Mail order brid
Male spiders

Why men don't live as long as women do

Who is this man?

Glass ceiling

Statueseque couple

Wedding fashion

Adam and Eve's wedding photo and wedding invitation

Multi-dimensional human being

Beautifying with mascara

Bad hair day

They were made for each other

Say it with flowers

Dating website

Chinese clothes sizes

Creepy Collagen®

I want to separate! Good, suits me fine!

Vlad & Sylvia

Fear of falling

Having an affair

Having an affair (revisited - and no, it's not an error)

The beautiful game

Passive aggressive

Face lift cream



Foot binding

Civil union

True love

Coercion to quit

Quitting blokes

20 years of abuse*


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