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More work & office cartoons

Note: * means the cartoon could be seen as offensive (with a bit of luck)

Forward planning methodology

Maternity leave


Grand dreams


Clock watching

Team building

Leadership qualities


The dreaded soggy Wettex in the sink

The Acronymiser! (US version: The Acronymizer!)

Monday morning

The art of chunking

Climbing the corporate ladder

Open plan office

Glass ceiling

RSI - Repetitive Strange Injury

Trooper with the flu

Airconditioning malfunction

Anatomy of an organisation

Taking it all in your stride

The joy of work

Office snobs

Skills shortage

Dante's Updated Vision of Hell (don't forget the PowerPoint-friendly version :)

Training poachers

Hard hat (OH&S)

Complaint handling

The oxymoron of public sector management

"No crap" management style

IT sections

After the office Christmas party

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